• is a very helpful tool which is created by a team of developers who had need of making easier to work with huge quantity of files, folders and IDEsin the same time.
    For now the app is compatible with windows platform.
  • In this version supports

    php storm PhpStorm

    web storm WebStorm

    Clion CLion

    GoLand GoLand

    IntelliJIdea IntelliJIdea

    PyCharm PyCharm

    RubyMine RubyMine

    sublime Sublime Text

    visual code Visual Code Studio

    git bush Git Bash

    cmd CMD

  • Preferences: The IDEs which are installed in default path in your PC, will be attached automatically, in other case don’t worry, you can change your paths anytime by hand. screenshot
  • Folders: In the Folders Tab you can attach any folder from your PC, after it in the same line you can see the Icon of that IDE which you have attached. When you click the Icon the folder will be opened by corresponding IDE. screenshot

    For distinguishing the frequently used folders or just for your comfort you can change their Icons and names by clicking the symbol of edit . In any time you can reset that information.

  • Files: In the same way you can attach any file in Files tab, on which by double clicking you can open the file.
    supports this formats of files: 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'png', 'gif', 'doc', 'docx', 'xlsx', 'xls', 'pdf', 'zip', 'rar', '7z', 'exe', 'txt', 'html', 'mp3', 'mp4', 'iso', 'psd', 'xml', 'svg', 'js', 'css', 'csv', 'avi', 'json', 'ai', 'ppt','log' screenshot
  • Use it quickly from toolbars. toolbar

  • download and optimize your work logo